Post of Serbia’s New Website: A 2015 Innovation


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During nearly two centuries of its existence, the Public Enterprise “Post of Serbia” has established itself as one of the most important business systems in our country. This reputation is not only due to its expansive infrastructural and logistic network that covers the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia but also because of the high quality and availability of services it provides. Moreover, the Post of Serbia is renowned for its unwavering corporate and social responsibility.

In 2015, we embarked on a comprehensive website redesign for the Post of Serbia. The goal was to create a modern, user-friendly online platform that reflects the organization’s longstanding commitment to service excellence and accessibility. The redesign focused on creating an intuitive and engaging user experience. The website's clean and modern layout was crafted to facilitate easy navigation and quick access to essential services and information. By incorporating responsive design principles, the new website ensures optimal performance across all devices, from desktops to smartphones. We utilized a color palette that reflects the corporate identity of the Post of Serbia, ensuring brand consistency. The design integrates contemporary graphic elements that symbolize connectivity and efficiency, reinforcing the Post’s role as a vital communication and logistics hub. Significant improvements were made to the website’s functionality.

Streamlined Navigation: Simplified menus and intuitive interface elements help users find information quickly and easily.

Enhanced Service Access: Online tools and services are prominently featured, allowing users to perform tasks such as tracking shipments, calculating postage, and finding post office locations with ease.

Improved Information Architecture: Content is organized logically, making it straightforward for users to locate and understand the services offered.

Accessibility Features: The website incorporates accessibility standards to ensure that all users, including those with disabilities, can access the information and services they need.

The 2015 redesign of the Post of Serbia’s website exemplifies how thoughtful and strategic web design can enhance user experience and reinforce an organization’s commitment to service excellence. Explore our work on this project and see how we helped one of Serbia’s most vital institutions modernize its online presence while staying true to its core values of quality, availability, and responsibility.

Project Details

Client: Posta

YEAR: 2015

Web: posta.rs

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