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Privech is a unique Attention Marketplace that revolutionizes the way brands engage with customers. It offers a powerful incentive mechanism that rewards Privech Users for their attention and interactions with brands, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The Privech logo is designed to represent connection and engagement. Featuring dynamic, interlocking elements, the logo symbolizes the mutually beneficial relationship between brands and users. The design is modern and sleek, reflecting Privechâ„¢'s innovative approach to advertising and rewards. The visual identity incorporates graphic elements that evoke interaction and engagement. Icons and patterns representing connections, rewards, and user engagement are utilized throughout the branding materials to reinforce the core concept of Privech.

These elements are used consistently to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience. From the Privech website and mobile app to marketing materials and user interfaces, every aspect of the visual identity is designed to enhance user experience and engagement. The consistent use of branding elements across all touchpoints ensures that Privech stands out in the competitive landscape of advertising platforms.

Project Details

Client: Prosper momentum

Date: 2023

Online: privech.com

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